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Brian Pruett Shares How He Unlocks His Longevity

Writer and expert6 months ago
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Brian Pruett is a dynamic force in the realm of fitness and holistic wellness. With an army of loyal followers and an authentic and inspiring podcast, Brian is more than just a trainer; he’s a passionate advocate for transforming lives through his comprehensive approach to health and fitness. Talking insightfully about fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and mindfulness, Brian seamlessly blends physical and mental well-being to inspire his audience towards a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. His journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative impact of prioritizing both physical and mental wellness. We were proud to partner with Brian to explore how eon Longevity +Plus interacted naturally with his daily life and Unlocked his Longevity. 


Here’s what Brian had to say about eon Longevity +Plus after trying it for a few weeks. 

“First off, I'll compliment them on the branding, design, and packaging. I feel it really does encapsulate ideas like longevity, wellness, and cutting-edge health products people can get excited about! They had me stoked to try it at "Ancient Blend Created in the Land of the Bible..." So I was genuinely intrigued initially but after trying it I was sold. I love how the taste is not extreme or too powerful. The texture mixes well with hot and cold water, which is amazing (some don't blend well). And the ingredients taste pure and healthy, basically the opposite of most wellness blends. Nothing bitter, nothing overpowering. Simply wellness in a glass. I am a BIG fan of eon and eon Longevity +Plus blends as they really do add to my well-being and experience in life.”


Brian had the following message for his followers. 

"Have a marathon mindset. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Fruit takes time to grow & success is measured in years. I strive for wholeness, longevity, and long-term success in all areas of life. Holistic, longevity, sustainability, vitality, presence, awareness, mindfulness, patience, etc. I’m in it for the long haul, are you with me?! eon Longevity helps unlock your longevity with their powerful ancient blend for longevity, body and mind. This all-natural herbal supplement is my secret weapon, enabling me to work toward my dream of unlocking my longevity. eon Longevity +Plus tackles crucial aspects of my health, from controlling inflammation to supporting my heart and organ health, promoting faster recovery, boosting my mood and energy, reducing stress, and improving my sleep. Join me on this incredible journey toward a healthier, more vibrant life. Let's make every day count!"


Brian shared the words he’s thinking about for 2024. 

“Words to focus on… Holistic. Longevity. Sustainability. Health, for me, means years of life AND life in those years. That’s why I drink eon Longevity +Plus daily. Not only does it fit seamlessly into my routine, it helps control inflammation, promotes faster recovery, boosts my mood and energy, reduces stress, and improves my sleep.”


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Writer and expert
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