What is eon?


Our products are all-natural, proprietary, herbal blends, reviewed by doctors and professionally certified by the Medical Wellness Association.

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Clinical Study

Among the largest clinical studies in the supplement space.

Designed and underwritten by the Medical Wellness Association.

Participants consumed eon Longevity +Plus every day for 8 weeks. 

Blood samples were analyzed by independent laboratories in Germany.

Clinical parameters were measured as a baseline before the first dose, at the midpoint of the study, and after the 8-week duration.

53 vitals were measured, and 4,611 data points were analyzed by an independent doctor who is a member of the Medical Wellness Association.

What is the Difference ?

Hear from the Experts

"The most striking result was the multiparametric reduction in chronic inflammation over the course of weeks of daily intake. Chronic inflammation lies at the basis of many (chronic) diseases and therefore must be suppressed to achieve longevity and health. Restoration of insulin sensitivity, reduction of plasma lipid markers, and amelioration of stress were also observed as a result of eon.”

- Dr. Michal Heger; Expert in clinical and translational research, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research Professor at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

“With these outstanding clinical results, which far surpass prescription medications yet without associated side effects, it can be argued that eon is the healthiest beverage a person can consume and should be part of everyone's personal wellness program to improve quality of life and even life expectancy.”

- Dr. Christopher Breuleux; President of the Medical Wellness Association