Improved Kidney Function & Health Through eon Longevity +Plus

Kidneys are crucial for filtering waste, regulating blood pressure, and maintaining the body's internal balance.
Elevate your kidney function and well-being by integrating eon Longevity+ Plus into your daily routine for optimal support.
* Please note that eon Longevity +Plus is a dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Our clinically tested formula contains a blend of bio-active herbs with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which work together to support healthy kidney function and promote overall vitality, wellness and longevity.

  • 4-week and 8-week consumption of eon Longevity +Plus led to statistically significant reductions of creatinine in blood, and albumin in urine, while also showing a decreased Microalbumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR), all of which signal improved kidney function.

  • Daily consumption of eon Longevity +Plus over a number of weeks has been shown to improve GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate), a measure of how well kidneys are filtering the blood.

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Health vs. Function

  • Maintaining kidney health is crucial as the kidneys are responsible for essential tasks, such as filtering waste, regulating fluids and electrolytes, and producing hormones.

  •  Poor kidney function can result in symptoms like fatigue, decreased urine output, fluid retention, changes in urination patterns, blood in urine, high blood pressure, itching, and nausea.

  • Unlock the power of improved kidney function and nurture your overall well-being by incorporating eon Longevity + Plus into your daily routine today!

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The Science → Clinical Study Results of eon Longevity +Plus  Creatinine is a vital marker for assessing kidney function. High levels indicate poor filtration of waste products. → Participants who consumed eon Longevity +Plus experienced statistically significant reductions in creatinine levels, indicating improved kidney function.  Albumin is a blood protein normally filtered by the kidneys. Increased levels suggest kidney dysfunction. → Consumption of eon Longevity +Plus led to significant reductions of microalbumin, which is indicative of improved kidney function.  The Microalbumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR) is a screening tool for early detection of kidney diseases. Elevated ACR levels signal kidney damage, especially in individuals with diabetes and hypertension. → ACR levels significantly decreased, indicating improved kidney function and health.  CLICK BUTTON: READ THE CLINICAL STUDY

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Your kidneys are critical. Don't wait to start supporting your kidney health. The addition of eon Longevity +Plus to one’s daily routine can allow for improving and maintaining kidney function and health. Order now and take the first step towards a healthier you. 

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Jim Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding, has been taking eon Longevity +Plus for 6 weeks, and the effects on his kidney function, proven by bloodwork, blew us away.